Situating Practices 

This was a group exhibition, showcasing the work of postgraduate research students at different stages and from different creative disciplines. Nine practitioners were selected through an open call, to explore different configurations of (art) practice as research or research as (art) practice. 

  The exhibition aimed to explore kinds of situated and tacit knowledges are produced in practice, how different narratives, making processes and spaces are negotiated within these practices, including how research is embedded within all kinds of creative practice.  
   The work in the exhibition stemmed from different research methodologies. Situating Practices is a group concerned with how you can come to know through making, doing, creating and showing. What knowledges are produced and how can they be communicated to an audience?. By situating research practices within a gallery context, the show not only considered how the artefacts of practice- based- research function , but also questioned what new knowledge can encounters with this work generate?. 

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