Caitlin's practice is concerned with the landscape and how it is a site for narratives to be contained, unearthed and situated. She uses materials and processes as tangible metaphors, which perform the roles of elements in and connected to the landscape.

Most recently, she has begun to explore our human relationship to the landscape. She is interested in how landscapes can be interpreted through a human lens, situating ourselves within it. By personifying the landscape, she suggests it can bring the landscape closer to our understanding and consciousness.


Archival material often provides a rich starting point for her thinking and making to develop. She applies considered methods when working with existing footage- such as editing out or reconfiguring sequence, as an act of re-authorship or re-telling. 

Caitlin's practice also considers the narrative threads which can be constructed between spoken text and images, whether that be static or moving image. It is a method she employs to juxtapose/sculpt how we read/connect disparate images.


With an MA in Visual Communication from the Royal College of Art, Caitlin's practice-led-research methods regard Illustration in an expanded and progressive form. Rather than seeing it conventionally as something fixed or singular, she values the act of ‘illustrating’ as a process. A way of showing, activating or demonstrating something -  by doing.